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Sample Request/Return Policy

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Products Which Offer A Return Policy

With return policy, sellers accept the return of products with no questions asked and then resell them. The new mattress, pillow or product which you received, could be a resold item, and you'll never know who had used it for weeks or even months.

Why Would Someone Return A Good Mattress Or Product After Using It?

Think about it, what if that person or persons who has a skin disease or some kind of sickness, used it for a week or even a month before returning it back to the store. The seller sanitized it, repackaged and then resold to you. Yuck! You'll never know the thousand and one reasons why products are returned.

Do you want to sleep on a stranger’s or someone else’s 'used' new mattress, pillow or product? You’ll never know who had used that mattress or pillow or item you just received. How is the mattress, pillow or item being used? Why subject yourself and family to unnecessary health risks by using such products?

Hidden Costs

When returning a product, buyers have to incur both-ways shipping costs, restocking charges and many other hidden extras.

Free Sample Offer In Lieu Of Product Return Policy

For health and sanitary reasons, we keep away from the return policy. However, if you feel that you’d like a test drive of our products, we will be delighted to offer you a FREE SAMPLE (subject to availabilty) of a Healthplus Hot & Cold Pack to try it out. You’ll only need to pay for the shipping and handling charges, which is reimbursable when you purchase any of the Healthplus Healthcare Products.

This way, you can be 100% sure you will never receive restocked or reused mattresses, pillows or products. You can rest assure all our products delivered to you are brand new.

Note: Free sample is limited to online request, per item per household only and subject to stock availability.
Free Sample Offer
traumatic pain relief hotcold pack
Healthplus Hot & Cold Pack
*Free Sample
$ 0.00
*Limited to per item per household only
**Subject to stock availability.

Free Sample Terms And Conditions

To order the free sample, kindly email us with your delivery address and we shall advise you of the freight & handling costs depending on your delivery location.

The freight & handling charges for the free sample is reimbursable when you purchase any of our Healthplus Healthcare Products within 3 months after the sample is shipped.

P.S. Although the Healthplus Hot & Cold Pack (can also be used as a wrist or hand pillow) is small in size, basically the design and material of all other Healthplus products are manufactured the same way this Hot and Cold Pack is made. The different is in its size.
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