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Healthplus Refillable Water Cushion Specially Design To Keep Your Bottom Cool and Comfortable!
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Healthplus Water Cushion
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What type of water is used in a Healthplus Water Cushion?
Normal tap water.

Water is very heavy. Do you deliver your Healthplus Water Cushions with the water in it?
No, all Healthplus Healthcare Products, including the Healthplus Water Cushions, will be delivered without any water in it. You can easily fill them up with water after you have received the items or as and when you are ready to use them. Shipping them without water saves you a great deal on freight charges.

Do I need to add water conditioner for the Healthplus Water Cushion?
No, there is no need to, as the water content is minimal and can be easily replaced.
We suggest changing the water content once a year when you are carrying out your year end cleaning of your home.

However, if you are already using a Healthplus water mattress and have waterbed conditioner in hand, you may add 2 table spoons of the waterbed conditioner into the water cushion. In this instance, you do not need to change the water in the Healthplus Water Cushion.

Do I need to add water into the water cushion regularly or after a period of usage?
No, there is absolutely no need to add water into the Healthplus Water Cushion unless you need to adjust your level of comfort.

Will my water cushion leak?
Every Healthplus water cushion is made of very high quality vinyl and is unlikely to puncture unless abused deliberately with a sharp instrument.

If a leak does occur, the water coming out of the Healthplus Premium Water cushion will be minimal as most of its water content is absorbed in the high density foam stabilizer inside the cushion. The excess water can be easily clean.

Note: Usually water do not leak out readily in a punctured water cushion unless pressure is applied to it.

Note: In the case of a leak in a Gel Cushion, it can be very messy. The gel is very slippery and lots of water is required to clean and clear the gel.

Can I repair a leak?
Yes, most punctures can be easily repaired using a waterbed or vinyl repair kit. As soon as the repair is done, the water cushion is as good as new again. A well repaired leak does not affect the life of your water cushion.

In the case of a gel cushion or some other makes of water cushion, there is no way to top up its water content if it leaks, therefore the gel or water cushion cannot be used again.

Can I wash my Healthplus Water Cushion if it gets soiled?
No problem, the Healthplus Water Cushion is 100% washable, that’s why it is truly hygienic.

Note: Please do not machine wash. In fact, the Healthplus Water Cushion can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth or towel and wipe dry.

After washing my Healthplus Water Cushion, how long do I have to wait for it to dry before I can use it again ?
There is no need for any waiting. Use a dry cotton cloth or towel to wipe off the water on the Surface of the Healthplus water cushion and you can immediately use it again.

Note: Please do not use a dryer or any drying machine.

Do I need a cover or any protective material to sit on the Healthplus Water Cushion?
No, you do not need any cover. You can sit directly on the Healthplus Water Cushion as its surface is made of very high quality vinyl and is very comfortable to sit on. However, if you need a cover for your Healthplus Water Cushion, it is sold separately.

During hot days, if the water cushion is left on the car seat under the hot sun, how am I going to sit on it ? Will its water content get heated up ?
No problem to sit on it. Unlike some vinyl car seat which can get extremely hot and sitting on it immediately is impossible, you can still sit on the Healthplus Water Cushion, as most of the heat will be absorbed by its water content.The heated water cushion can be used as a heat therapy to ease sore upper limbs muscles and enhance blood circulation to the legs.

Alternatively, turn over the Healthplus Water Cushion and sit on its flip side. Otherwise, use a cloth over it or the Healthplus Water Cushion Cover. It’s totally your call.

Can a burning cigarette damage my Healthplus Water Cushion?
Yes. Just like any fabric if you have a fabric cover over it. The Healthplus Water Cushion itself will probably only get singed and caused a scorched mark on its surface as the water under the cushion surface dissipates the heat instantly and prevent any high temperature buildup in the vinyl.

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