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 The Only Truly Hygienic, Dust-mite Free And Body Contoured Mattress That Will Stay The Same Way Years After Years As They Do The First Night

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Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Mattress
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of water is used in a Healthplus water mattress?
Normal tap water.

Will the Healthplus Water Mattress become too cold to sleep?
Absolutely not.

The traditional waterbed which contains large amount of water (up to 1 ton or 1,000 liters of water), can get extremely cold at night even in a tropical country or during the summer. A water bed heater is needed to keep the traditional waterbed warm so that it is comfortable to sleep on.

And to maintain the temperature, up to a 350 watts heater is required and you need to operate it continuously, or activate the heater at least 6 hours before you can sleep on it if you're using a timer (timer also consumes power) for your heater.

The energy you save using the timer is negligible compare to the inconvenience you'll have to settle with, as you'll not be able to sleep on your bed anytime you wish to before your mattress is heated.

Unlike the traditional waterbed, the Healthplus Water Mattress requires only about 20 to 80 liters of water. With so little water, you don't need a heater unless you want to for the purpose of heating up the Healthplus water mattress for heat therapy treatment.

If the Healthplus water mattress gets a little too cold, all you'll need is to add extra mattress pad or a quilt to keep it warm. If a layer of mattress pad is insufficient, add 2 or more layers to it until you feel cosy sleeping on it.

When you're using the Healthplus water mattress under room temperature or in a tropical country, usually no more than a layer of mattress pad is needed to be able to sleep comfortably, not too cold and not too warm.

Will the Healthplus Water Mattress become too hot to sleep?
Absolutely not.

During the hot days in a tropical country or in the summer,  you may feel the water in the Healthplus water mattress a little warm, but when you sleep on it, the warmth of the water mattress gives you the soothing effect of a heat therapy for your back.

When you've a warm bath during a hot day, you'll feel good too after the shower. Likewise, you'll love the warmth from the Healthplus water mattress when you sleep on it.

Water dissipates heat evenly and efficiently, therefore you don't feel hot when sleeping on a water mattress.

But if it's a foam or spring mattress, the heat will accumulate and cause perspiration.

Can I adjust the firmness of the Healthplus water mattress by adding or removing water?
Yes, you can personalize the level of firmness and comfort level you desire. The Healthplus Water Mattress contains much less water, any slight difference of say, 1 or 2 gallons (4 – 8 liters) of water, you’ll feel it though the sensation may vary individually.

In a traditional hardside and softside water bed, there is no way you can fine tune the level of firmness and comfort to your liking. Due to the huge volume of water in it, a slight change in the amount of water is insignificant. Usually you have to decide the firmness of the water mattress at time of purchase.

No other mattresses, water, spring, foam, latex or air (air mattress is pressurized), can offer you an adjustable and non-pressurized sleeping surface, except the Healthplus water mattress.

With the exception of the Healthplus water mattress, you'll probably have to live with  it (no pun intended) or buy a new mattress if it turns out to be not quite what you were looking for after all.

The Healthplus Water Mattress is the only mattress that can offer you an adjustable, non-pressurized and truly bed mite free sleeping surface.

Will I wake my partner when I get in or out of bed?
Absolutely not on a Healthplus Water Mattress. The conventional mattress probably produces more motion. You and your partner sleep on an individual Healthplus Water Mattress. This “Dual Mattress System” allows you and your partner to personalize sleeping comfort individually.

With Dual Mattresses, will we sink down between the two mattresses?
You will not sink between the two mattresses on a “Dual Mattress System”. Water seeks it’s own level keeping the mattresses together. You also have a mattress pad and fitted sheet covering the entire water mattress. In fact, anyone lying on them can hardly tell if it has a dual mattress.

If I have decided to install a Healthplus Water Mattress only on one side of a Double, Queen or King Bed, can I do so?
Of course you can! The Healthplus Water Mattresses are sold individually. You can order one for yourself to enjoy all the health benefits of sleeping on a Healthplus Water Mattress immediately and another for your partner at a later date.

Do I need to change the water in the Healthplus water mattress?
No, there is no need to change the water. You only need to add a small bottle of water mattress conditioner once or twice a year to keep the water clean and prevent algae growth. A bottle of this water bed mattress conditioner will be provided free of charge for every water mattress purchased from us.

How frequently and what quantity of water bed conditioner do I need to add to my Healthplus Water Mattress?
You just need to add half a bottle of a 4-oz (250 ml.) of water bed conditioner twice a year.

Can I use any brand of water bed conditioner for my Healthplus Water Mattress?
Yes, any brand is okay as long as it is recommended for a water mattress.

Will my Healthplus water mattress burst?
No, the Healthplus water mattress is not under pressure, unlike the air bed mattress  which is pressurized. In fact, all other conventional hardside and softside mattress exert many times more pressure than the Healthplus Water Mattress.

The Healthplus Water mattresses are extremely tough, and are most unlikely to puncture unless abused deliberately with a sharp instrument.

If a leak does occur, the water will be contained within a safety liner if the Water Mattress is fitted with one. You can add this safety liner to your order or order it separately at a later date.

Many of our existing Healthplus Water Mattress Users do not use a safety liner for their water mattress as most feel comfortable without it though we do recommend one.

But I am still fearful of a leak flooding my bedroom?
It is not unusual for anyone to harbor the fear of a flooded bedroom no matter how remote it can be. Anyone can visualize how messy it is to have a ton (2,200 lb.) of water pouring into their bedroom.

Sorry, the above scenario of a ton (1,000 liters) of water leaking from a Healthplus Water Mattress will NEVER happen! The Healthplus Water Mattress contains at most about 100 liters (20+ gallons) of water for a king sized mattress of 39” x 78”.
Our recommendation is approximately between 30 - 60 liters (7 - 14 gallons) of water.

Only a conventional  hard side or softside water bed can contain up to a ton of water. The fear of water flooding your bedroom is not unfounded if you have a defected safety liner. Most water bed users do not check their safety liners frequently for defects. Many choose to ignore it, simply because to replace a safety liner of a conventional water bed, the water mattress needs to be completely drained.

Only a Healthplus Water Mattress can eliminate you from this problem.
Even in the unlikely event that the water mattress is punctured, the leak would be very minimal as most of the water has been absorbed by its high density foam stabilizer.

In addition, you can easily lift up the punctured area to a higher level and flip it up to prevent the water from flowing out. A safety liner can also help to contain the leak.

On the contrary, no one would install or use a conventional hardside or softside water bed without a safety liner. The amount of water is too much and leaking water still gets to the floor even with a good working safety liner in place, due to overflowing.

How do I repair a leak?
In the case of a Healthplus Water Mattress, most punctures can be easily repaired using a waterbed repair kit. As soon as the repairs are done, the water mattress is as good as new again! A well repaired leak does not affect the life of your water mattress.

In the case of a conventional hardside or softside water bed, depending on where it leaks, usually it requires you to drain the water mattress to perform a proper repair job.

Even if a repair can be done perfectly without removing its water content, you would still need to drain the water mattress to facilitate the cleaning and drying of the water trapped between the bottom of the centre portion of your water mattress and the safety liner.

Note: The water trapped between the underneath centre portion of your water mattress and the safety liner is not accessible without draining its water content.

What sizes of the Healthplus Water Mattresses are available?
We offer in accordance to the U.S., European and International Standard Conventional Mattress Sizes.

Lifestyle Size – Healthplus Water Mattress
24” x 36” (61 x 91 cm)                             Baby Size
24” x 72” (61 x 183 cm)                           Yoga Size

U.S. Size – Healthplus Water Mattress
39” x 75” (76 x 190 cm)                           Twin Size

39” x 80” (99 x 203 cm)                           Twin Long

27” x 75” (71 x 190 cm)                            Half Double
27” x 75” (71 x 190 cm) x 2 pcs =            Double

30” x 80” (76 x 203 cm)                            Half Queen
30” x 80” (76 x 203 cm) x 2 pcs =           Queen

39” x 80” (99 x 203 cm)                            Half King
39” x 80” (99 x 203 cm) x  2 pcs =           King

36” x 84” (183 x 213 cm)                          Half California/Western King - Temporary
36” x 84” (183 x 213 cm) x 2 pcs =         California/Western King        Out Of Stock

European Size – Healthplus Water Mattress
90 x 190 cm (35” x 75”)                             Single

70 x 190 cm (28” x 75”)                             Half Double
70 x 190 cm (28” x 75”) x 2 pcs =             Double

75 x 200 cm (30” x 79”)                             Half King
75 x 200 cm (30” x 79”)  x 2 pcs =            King

90 x 200 cm (36” x 79”)                             Half Super King
90 x 200 cm (36” x 79”) x 2 pcs =             Super King

Other Standard Size – Healthplus Water Mattress
30” x 75” (76 x 190 cm)                              Half Queen
30” x 75” (76 x 190 cm) x 2 pcs =             Queen

36” x 75” (91 x 190 cm)                              Single
36” x 75” (91 x 190 cm) x 2 pcs =              King

42” x 75” (106 x 190 cm)                             Super Single

Do you offer special sizes?
Yes, we do. We can manufacture to any size.
For special sizes, please contact us.

I understand the height of the Healthplus Water Mattress is only about 2”. Would it be comfortable to sleep on a 2” thick water mattress?
Absolutely yes! This is the most comfortable mattress you will ever sleep on. Unlike foam or any conventional mattresses, the Healthplus Water Mattress will not sag as water will always remains the same year after year…. as if it was the first time you were lying on it! You don’t need a thicker Water Mattress. 

Do you offer 1-piece King Size Healthplus Water Mattress?
Yes we do, although we do not readily recommend it. Please see above FAQ item 6.5.

Will I feel seasick on a Healthplus Water Mattress?
No, not even when you move. The Healthplus Water Mattress cradles every curve and contour of your body. Water, unlike foam or spring, will NEVER breakdown.

Can a burning cigarette damage my water mattress?
No, however, the bed sheet and mattress pad will be damaged by the burning cigarette. The water mattress itself will probably get singed and cause a scorched mark on its surface as the water under the mattress surface dissipates the heat instantly and prevent any high temperature build-up in the vinyl.

Vinyl of filled water mattresses can usually not be punctured by a cigarette. In the worst scenario that you do singe your water mattress, use the repair kit to mend it. If the repair is done correctly, the water mattress is as good as new again.

Though smoking in water mattresses maybe less destructive, we strongly do not recommend it, after all, smoking remains dangerous and is bad for your health.

Can I drink or eat on my Water Bed or Water Mattress?
Yes, no problem at all if it is a Healthplus Water Mattress. Y ou can move, turn and shift a Healthplus Water Mattress without draining its water content, therefore cleaning is a breeze. The only Truly Hygienic Mattress!

In the case of a hardside water bed, please do not spill your coffee or food onto the bed. If it does, your coffee or food may sink to the bottom of the water mattress and trapped between its safety liner. Cleaning is extremely difficult. 

As for a softside water mattress, you need to remove the top quilted cover for cleaning. Washing may cause shrinkage and you may face difficulty putting it back into place.

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