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BREAKTHROUGH!  A Truly Dust Mite Free, Adjustable Water Pillow That Allows You To Personalize Your Level Of  Firmness And Comfort
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 As an avid fitness enthusiast, regular  excercise and a balance diet are an  essential part of my lifestyle and the  key  to good health. But more importantly, is    the quality of my sleep.

  Without a good night 's sleep, no amount of exercise or nutrition can help to restore my physical and mental well-being.

I used to tossed and turned all night, and kept re-positioning my pillow to find a comfortable position but usually ended waking up lack of sleep, restless and neck pain.

I tried all kinds of memory foam pillows,  goose feather pillow and even some other brand of water pillows but none seems to work for me and I keep changing them often. It was this  Healthplus Water Pillow that finally stopped me from spending more money on more pillows. 

I have been using it for more than a year now and because I can varies the height and make adjustment to the amount of water in the pillow, I finally did managed to obtain my optimum sleeping comfort level that suits me well.

It's the best pillow I ever had and I will not hesitate to recommend Healthplus Water Pillow to anyone.

Jame T.

Yes, you can now confidently go ahead and buy the pillow for yourself, your spouse, family members or even friends, without the need to worry if you’ve selected a right pillow for each of them.

With the “All-In-One” orthopedic adjustable pillow, you can easily make adjustment to the pillow to fine tune it to your optimum sleeping support level in the comfort your bedroom. It doesn’t matter if you like your pillow to be hard, soft, high or low. You get them all in a single pillow.

Warning! - These are NOT the usual water pillow that you’ve often seen or heard about. And if you’ve never slept on a water pillow before, this is one important letter you must read................
Dear Friend,

The pillow is probably one of your most intimate possessions you own. You smell it, you breathe close to It, you snuggle it with your face, and you sleep on it every night, years after years.

Unfortunately, most folks don’t think much about it until their necks or bodies start to hurt. Many of them use the wrong pillows for their sleeping postures. They often use pillows that are too high, too low, too hard or too soft. Most of the pillows we sleep on are also simply too dirty because they aren’t usually washable.

Did You Know?
  • Who is sharing the bed with your every night?

Let me show you below, a photo of your sleeping partner, Mite. It had been highly magnified, otherwise it is invisible to the naked eyes. Millions of them are sleeping with you every night. They are there but you can't see them.

  • A typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million bed mites inside. Guaranteed!
  • 10% of the weight of a 2 year old typical pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings.
  • Bed mites, also called dust mites, prefer to dwell in warm, moist surroundings such as the inside of a foam or spring mattress and your typical cotton filled, foam or goose down pillow when someone is on it.
Why? Mites favorite food is Dander (both human and animal skin flakes) and human is their best source of food. We shed 10,000 million scales of bacteria laden skin each day, and most end up, trapped in our mattress & pllow. And Bed mites..........there is no way you can vacuum them away.
Ask Yourself Honestly, When Is The Last Time You Washed Your Mattress Or Pillow?
dust mite
Your Sleeping Partner, Mite : Millions of them could be sleeping with you every night

Researchers have found that pillows and mattresses are the best breeding ground for dust mites, a kind of microscopic spider-like creatures that feed on human skin cells.

Now imagine yourself sleeping on a pillow and mattress that have been unwashed for months or even years…….. every night you’ll be ‘facing’ the millions of those dust mites (not visible to human eyes except under a microscope), harboring in your pillows……..and with your nose so close to it, they just crawl right in, stifle your breathing and cause allergy, asthma and respiratory disorders.

Yet, most of us are reluctant to wash or change our pillows. This is probably due to the fact that most pillows, after washing, become damaged or out of shape, and drying the core inside the pillows is extremely difficult.

In addition, finding the right pillow can be downright maddening. You spend a couple of hundred dollars on your dream pillow and eagerly bring it home, only to find it’s not exactly what you wanted.

Choosing And Buying Your Perfect Pillow?

Have you ever checked out a pillow buying guide for more information on how to choose your right pillow. Well, they’ll probably tell you that if you are a stomach or back sleeper you’d need a soft pillow and for a side sleeper, a hard pillow and blah, blah, blah. Then, you may find another pillow guide telling you stomach sleepers should use  flat pillows and side sleepers, high pillows. Confusing, isn’t it?

Yet again, some others would probably advise you to test the pillows in the showroom before buying them. Frankly, this would be a better option though. But by just lying down on the pillows alone is often not enough and won’t give you any conclusive results. After all, the showrooms don’t really provide you with the conducive environment and privacy of your bedroom, right?

Also, one thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that you’ll be lying on a totally different mattress, so the test result may turn out otherwise when you use it with your own mattress. Furthermore, with a salesperson by your side, you don’t really feel at ease, do you? Plus, most of the time you’d feel pressurized into making a rash decision to buy something that can later turn out to be not quite what you were looking for after all.

Selecting Your Perfect Pilow Is Simple And Quick!
We Make It A No-Brainer Solution For Every Pillow Buyer……..

Yes, with a Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Pillow, also known as anti bed sore pillow, orthopedic pillow, neckcare pillow or cervical pillow, you Need Not have to worry if the pillow you just bought will be too soft or too hard, too low or too high. The Healthplus Adjustable Support water pillow, truly dust mites free, offer you all these options and more…….. in a single sleeping pillow!

You can effortlessly fine tune the Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Pillow to suit your personal comfort level…. in the privacy of your own bedroom.

Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Pillow – The All-In-One Dust Mite Free Support pillow……..

The Healthplus Orthopedic Pillow is a revolutionary pillow, specially designed to suit every sleeper ‘s comfort. It is constructed with a water chamber on one side and an air chamber on the other.

water pillow


Each of us has different preferences about the firmness, comfort and support level of our pillows. Unlike most other pillows which are non adjustable, there are many ways to fine tune a Healthplus Orthopedic Pillow to fit every individual’s sleeping comfort. You can

use only the water chamber to adjust your level of sleeping comfort. There’s absolutely no need for you to fill the air chamber with air, if you don’t want to. The amount of water to be filled into the water chamber is totally up to you.

fill water to the water chamber and air into the air chamber, using both water and air in their respective chamber to adjust your level of sleeping comfort. Please keep in mind that the amount of water and air in each chamber is dependent on your sleeping comfort. There is no fixed amount of waters or air for each chamber.

inflate only the air chamber with air to adjust your level of sleeping comfort without filling water into the water chamber. But when using air as the only medium, most people don’t feel too comfortable as the pillow is light and has a bouncing effect. However, it does work better this way for some folks, though.

sleep on the Healthplus Adjustable Support waterpillow  with or without a pillow case.

if you prefer, use a padded (padded on both sides) pillow case for the Healthplus Adjustable Support Water-Pillow.

opt for a padded pillow case that’s padded on one side only, for use with your Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Pillow. You’ve a choice of sleeping on the non-padded side for a cool sleep or turn it into a warm pillow during cool night.

enhance your level of sleeping comfort, you’ll now have the option to sleep on the waters or air chamber side of the Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Pillow

Discover How A Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Pillow Can Benefit And Help You Find Relief, Sleep Better And Dramatically Improve Your Quality Of Life……..

Like the waters mattress, the water pilow does not create “pressure point”, thus permitting normal blood circulation and provides you with a wealth of health benefits:

Truly Hygienic And Dust-Mite Free
It is the most sanitary surface you can sleep on. The vinyl surface of a Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Pillow does not harbor bed mite. It is 100% washable. Just use a cloth or towel to wipe dry after washing, and you can use it immediately again. Try washing a goose down, foam, fiber or cotton filled pilows, it’ll most likely become out of shape.

Saliva-Stained Pillow Will Be A Things Of The Past
The Healthplus Adjustable Support water pillow not only helps you sleep better, it also prevents embarrassing saliva stains from soiling it. As mentioned earlier, it is 100% washable.

Provides Instant Neck Pain And Neck Ache Relief 
Its subtle sleeping surface can afford relief and gives you a feeling for full relaxation, as it contours to the exact shape of your body curvature to provide a firm support for your neck.

No Longer Feel The Agonizing Pain Of A Stiff Neck 
Because it automatically responds to changes in your sleeping position, the Healthplus Adjustable Support water pillow greatly reduces stress and strain to your neck muscles when you sleep.

Provides Allergy And Asthma Relief 
The Healthplus Adjustable Support water pillow is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from asthma, allergies or skin problem. Since it is the most sanitary and hygienic surface to sleep on, it offers you an ideal alternative to the most natural allergy remedy, best form of asthma natural treatment, asthma natural remedy and eczema treatment.

Carry It With You Wherever You Travel 
The Healthplus Adjustable Support water pillow can be deflated, drained and packed into any bag, making it great for traveling. You’ll never miss your pillow, and need not sleep on someone else’s pillow again when you’re away from home.

Flexibility Is King
You have the option to change your Healthplus Adjustable Support water pillow into a cool comfort pillow during the hot summer months, or turn it into a warm pillow using warm waters to heat or soak it up during the cold, chilly winter, or slip on a padded pilows case over it for the ultimate in luxurious sleep.

Get Rid Of Your Insomnia, Sleep Apnea or Sleep Disorders Problem
The Healthplus Adjustable Support water pillow offers you the best chance to get a good night’s sleep – it’s hygienic and dust mite free, plus you have a choice of using either a cool or warm pillow……..and most importantly, you get a personalized level of sleep comfort.

Why A Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Pillow Is Different From Most Ordinary Water  Pillows?

The firmness and/or height of most water pillows are dependent on the amount of water you put into the pillow. The higher the pillow, the more water  you need to fill in, and your pilow can becomes extremely heavy.

The weight of most conventional water pillow can weighs as much as 18 lb. (8 kg.) or even higher, depending on the amount of water filled.

Unlike the conventional water pillows, the Healthplus Adjustable Support water pillows, enable you to use only air and/or water in their respective air and water chamber, to adjust its firmness and height you require. With the use of air, it reduces the weight of the pillow tremendously by 50% or more.

Also with the extra (air) medium to control your pillow support level, the Healthplus Adjustable Support water pillow gives you more choices to meet your sophisticated sleep comfort level.

P.S. If you're a person who takes pride in personal hygiene and wish to enjoy a healthy life style, then the Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Pillow is exactly what you need. Take action now and by getting rid of that old, dirty and dust mites infested pillow, it'll help you breathe better and sleep better. Invest in one now!

However, if you're still undecided but would like to try it out first, you may request for a FREE SAMPLE of our product. We are confident you'll love the results and quality of our product.

P.P.S.The sample may not be the exact water pillow, it is a Hot & Cold Pack. But basically the design and material of our Healthplus Products are manufactured the same way this Hot & Cold Pack is made. The different is its size.

Kindly refer to the Free Sample Request Terms & Conditions before ordering.

Free Sample is limited to online request, per item per household only and subject to the availability of stock.
Healthplus Adjustable Support Water Pillow
A Truly Hygienic, Dust-Mite Free & Washable Pillow
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