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Portable Waterbed Mattress: For Your Best Sleep Possible, Naturally!
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It’s no secret - water beds are the best sleep system we know to help our bodies relax. They also provide total body support and offer a wealth of health benefits no other mattresses can match.

But many people still shy away from them as the traditional waterbeds are heavy,  immovable, water mattresses are full of wave and soft, and require special bulky bed frames. The main reason though, still etched in the forefront of most people's mind, is the fear of a leak in the middle of the night with the thought of a ton (that's about 1,000 liters or 250 gallons) of water gushing down their bedroom.

Well, to be honest, these fears are not unfounded. Just ask any diehard waterbed mattress user, and they will readily agree. Moving or repairing a waterbed mattress is another mammoth task that can turn off most water bed users 

Fortunately, we are going to change all that. Read on for full details....

You can buy and own every available kind of mattresses….... but this is the one Mattress you cannot afford not to have  – The Healthplus Waterbed Mattress!

Waterbed Mattress

The Healthplus Waterbed Mattress provides you that perfect sleeping system and more! Sleeping on a Healthplus Waterbed Mattress is tantamount to:

Sleeping on a waterbed matress with all the health benefits of a water bed minus most of the water. 

Sleeping on a water bed without the bulky, heavy and immovable water bedframe.       

Sleeping on a mattress with more health benefits than you can bargain for.

Dear Friend,

If you’re still thinking of buying that conventional memory foam, spring or latex mattresses, then this could be the most important letter you’ll ever read…

Did you know? Many waterbed users were just like you - they first used conventional mattresses before upgrading to a waterbed mattress.

Many were introduced to a waterbed mattress by family members and friends who used it themselves. These folks appreciated the many health benefits of flotation sleep and are happy to promote it.

Medical practitioners and care givers are also increasingly using water mattresses for disabled and chronically ill patients. Patients who are confined to bed because of surgery, stroke and even burns all derive benefits from using thermostatically controlled water mattresses.

According to tests carried out by medical experts, it has been found that a heated water bed can have a profound affect on inducing a good night’s sleep. Its controlled warm surface is extremely beneficial in relieving tension and soothing sore muscles.

You may be surprised to read this, but the majority of waterbed mattress users are healthy individuals seeking to improve their quality of life….just like you.

After all, sleep is a basic necessity of life, as fundamental to our health and well-being as air, water and food. When you sleep well, you wake up refreshed, alert, full of energy and ready to go!

Conventional Mattress Or Water Mattress?
memory  foam mattress

Pressure points created on body areas in contact with the normal mattress, restrict blood circulation, cause tossing and turning, depriving most people of a comfortable sleep.

Waterbed mattress truly contours to the exact shape of your body providing perfect support, with your entire weight evenly distributed so that there is absolutely no pressure point from the water mattress.

Why do water mattresses provide better support and better sleep?
Well, since the support is uniformly distributed, water mattresses cradles even the heaviest body parts (such as the hip), with the same body-to-surface pressure as they do to the small of the back, an area entirely unsupported by conventional orthopedic mattresses. The low pressure level exerted on the body surface falls well below the circulation cut-off-point.
Why every mattress maker is trying hard to design their mattresses to contour to your body shape……

No dispute about it. A good sleeping surface must be able to contour to your body shape, and it must be able to support your body evenly not only when it’s new, but night after night and every time you sleep on it.

The core element that makes up a mattress to support your body is very important. Since water does not wear out, the waterbed mattress will stay the same way years after years, as they do the first night.

Discover How A Waterbed Matress Can Help You Find Relief, Sleep Better And Improve Your Quality Of Life…….
The unique ability of a waterbed mattress creates no “pressure points”, permits normal blood circulation and provides a wealth of health benefits to the sleeper:

Bedsore Prevention, Bedsore Relief, Pressure Ulcer

Any person (bed ridden, stroke or paralyzed patient) who’s forced to spend most of his time lying in bed because of an illness, stroke, paralysis, coma, is susceptible to bed sore which is also called pressure sore, pressure ulcer or decubitus ulcer. Preventing bed sore is critical, as treating a bed sore can be difficult and may even require surgery. The use of a water mattress is most ideal for the prevention and relief of bed sore or pressure ulcer.

Back Pain Relief

Back pain or backache is a rather common condition affecting most adults, and can lead to more serious problems. A waterbed mattress with its subtle sleeping surface can provide much relief and gives you the feeling of full relaxation, as it contours to the exact shape of your body to provide a total and firm support for your back.

Burn Treatment
The use of a waterbed mattress has been found to dramatically reduce both pressure and pain of severely burned skin. The reduced pressure on the skin allows for more rapid healing and may decreases the need for medication. Less pain enables the patient to sleep more comfortably.

Allergy, Asthma, Eczema and Skin Treatment
The waterbed mattress is the most sanitary and hygienic surface to sleep on. Its vinyl surface does not harbor bed mites and is washable. A water mattress is an excellent choice for anyone who suffers with asthma or allergies or skin problem. They offer an ideal alternative to the most natural allergy remedy, best form of asthma natural treatment, asthma natural remedy and eczema treatment.

Rheumatism, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joint Pain Relief
Medical studies have shown that the equal distribution of body weight in a controlled volume of water will benefit most arthritic patients. The even distribution of the patient’s weight will reduce pressure on the major joints that are inflamed or affected by different forms of arthritis. Physiotherapists have used heated water for years to treat rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain and ease muscle aches and soreness. The warmth provided by the watermattress’ heater, soothes sore muscles and alleviates arthritic aches and pains. The warmth and even support make a watermattress an excellent choice and natural way of relieving arthritis

Pregnancy and Expectant Mother or ‘Mother to be’
During pregnancy period, a waterbed matress offers the most ideal and perfect sleeping surface for every ‘mother to be,’ as the water mattress (water contours to any shape) can adapt to the rapid physical and body contour changes of the expectant mother. Flotation sleep enables a pregnant woman to sleep more comfortably, even on her stomach.

Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Sleep Apnea

Due to all the reasons listed above, water matress offers one of the most relaxing surfaces to sleep on. For anyone who has difficulty falling asleep, sleep disorders or for those who keep tossing and turning in bed due to mental or physical stress, symptom of bipolar disorder or some undetected problems such as bad sleeping posture, discomfort, body aches, stiff muscles, etc, a water mattress gives you the best chance to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Why Do You Need A Healthplus Waterbed Mattress?

Sleeping On A Healthplus Waterbed Mattress – It’s Easy To Decide, No Drastic Decision Needed!

You don’t need to think long and hard to decide whether to switch to a Healthplus waterbed mattress! Here’s why…..

Unlike the traditional hardside water beds and softside water mattresses which are immovable once installed, the Healthplus waterbed mattress is portable and can be moved without draining its water content.

In the most unlikely event that you do not want to sleep on the Healthplus waterbed mattress, you can use it for other applications. For instance, you can easily use it as a couch cushion, an exercise mat, etc.

But you can’t do the same with a traditional water bed – you either have to live with it (no pun intended), or the other option is to drain it out, dismantle it, reserve or rent a store room to keep it and then go buy a new bed and new mattress, as water bed frames are not designed for the normal mattresses.

With a Healthplus Waterbed Mattress, you can set it up in minutes. To enjoy the maximum comfort level of a Healthplus Waterbed Mattress, we recommend that you place it on a flat and firm surface or use it with an existing or any budget foam or spring mattress. You don’t need the expensive memory form or spring mattresses. If you do not have an existing mattress, you may place it directly on any flat surface (do not place on slats) of any ordinary bed frame.

Here’s a quick glance and comparison of a Healthplus Waterbed Mattress and what others can offer:

Healthplus Water Mattress
Hardside Waterbed
Softside Waterbed Mattress
Inexpensive Why Pay More? Why Pay More?

Easy to install.

Can be setup within minutes

Very difficult to setup.

Power tools needed.

May take as long as half a day or more to setup a hardside water bed.

It is little easier to setup a softside water mattress than the hardside but it still needs a lot time and effort.
Very light and easy to handle. If incorrectly installed, as much as a ton/2200 lb. (that’s the weight of a traditional water bed)
could collapse on you and cause serious injury.
Just like the hardside, if incorrectly installed, it
could collapse on you and cause serious
You do not need a Professional Water Bed Installer to drain and installed a Healthplus Water Mattress.

If you engage any Professional House Mover
to drain or install your hardside water bed, they will outsource the job to a Professional Water Bed Installer.

Believe it or not, even the Professional House
Mover will not attempt to do the job of draining or installing a water bed by themselves.

Not sure about you?

If you engage any Professional House Mover to drain or install your softside water bed, they will outsource the job to a Professional Water Bed Installer.

Believe it or not, even the Professional House
Mover will not attempt to do the job of draining or installing a water bed by themselves.

Not sure about you?

Do NOT required special water bed support.

Special water bed support needed.

A King size water bed contains as much as a ton (2200 lbs.), i.e. approximately 1000 liters
(220 gallons) of water in it.

Special water bed support needed.

Though a softside waterbed mattress contains less water than a hardside, but it sill weighs as much as half a ton.

Can be used with existing bed, any ordinary bed frame and most adjustable beds.

Not compatible for use with ordinary bed frame.

Hardside waterbed mattress must use specially designed water bed frame.

Special waterbed  pedestal and foundation
are required as softside waterbed mattress is still very heavy.

It is dangerous to install a softside water mattress on a ordinary bed frame without special support.

Use standard bedsheets Special waterbed bedsheets are required for
hardside waterbeds.
Can use standard bed sheets. However changing and setting your bed sheets can be tough and requires a lot of strength.

Truly waveless. However, if some motion is preferred, this can be done by adding more water.

Motion and firmness is adjustable to suit each individual preference.

No other mattresses (including spring, foam or latex, air) can  give you such an option.

No matter how many fibers it contained, motion is inevitable when your partner turns around, gets into or out of bed.

Same effects as a hardside water bed.

Motion is inevitable.

Truly hygienic, the Healthplus water mattress is lightweight even after it has been filled with water and can be moved around without draining its water content.

Cleaning and washing the Healthplus waterbed mattress and its sleeping surface, including its underside, is easy.

Although it is a fact that water bed offers the most hygienic sleeping surface, but this is not completely true in the case of a hardside water bed.

After months (not to mention years) of use, if you lift up any corners of the hardside water bed mattress, it is not unusual to find a collection of hair, dust, dirt, coins, even dead roaches, lizards, hair pins, pens, combs, etc collected and trapped in between the waterbed mattress and its safety liner.

To lift a corner of a hardside or softside waterbed mattress needs a lot of effort and strong arms.

Needless to say, getting access to clean those areas beneath the hardside or softside water bed mattress is almost impossible.

Unless you drain out the water to clean the underside of the hardside and softside water mattress frequently, otherwise you will have to accept the dead roaches or dead lizards as your sleeping partners.

The hardside and softside water bed foundation and support are immovable and inaccessible. The empty space inside its water bed foundation boxing never failed to trap all kinds of insects, cockroaches, flies, lizards, spiders and cobwebs, etc

The softside top quilt cover, which is made of fabrics, is very prone to stain and soil.

Also it is a haven for bed mites.

Washing the quilt top cover may cause shrinkage, resulting in uneven zipper movement.

Contains as little as 30 liters (8 gallons) of water for a half king. A king size hardside waterbed mattress contains as much as a ton (about 1,000 liters or 250 gallons) of water. A king size hardside waterbed mattress contains as much as a ton (about 1,000 liters or 250 gallons) of water.
Water can be drained without a pump. A motorized pump is needed to drain its water content. A motorized pump is needed to drain its water content.
Can be moved to another location without draining its water content.

Strictly disallowed. Cannot be moved even an inch.

Moving a hardside water bed or softside waterbed mattress without draining its water content is dangerous as the bed may collapse. Do not forget that a hardside water bed can weight as much as a ton.

Moving a hardside or softside water bed is a difficult and long process. 

You need to drain the water mattress, dismantle and then re-install the bed frame, refilling its water content and if necessary, reheating the water bed.

Strictly disallowed. Please read the hardside water bed column for details.

Uses a low wattage (120 watts or less) waterbed heater.

Heating up a Healthplus Water Mattress takes aslittle as 30 minutes.

Hardside water bed uses a 250 to 350 watts heaters and requires up to 10 hours or more to heat up the bed.

Usually, the water bed heater requires to be turned on continuously to maintain the warm.

Otherwise, if somehow you forget to turn on the water bed heater at the appropriate time, most likely you may have to find another bed

Softside waterbed mattress uses a 120 to 150 watts heater but still takes up to 4 - 6 hours to heat up.
Using less energy to heat up your water mattress save you money every month. High energy consumption means you have to spend more money on your monthly electricity bill. High energy consumption means you have to spend more money on your monthly electricity bill.
Investing In A Healthplus Water Mattress Is Easy

Investing in a water mattress is a big ticket item to most people, even if it isn’t the money, you wouldn’t want to have a huge monster bed weighing more than a ton (the conventional waterbed), stuck in your bedroom if it turns out otherwise, do you?

Only the Healthplus Water Mattress can offer you the solution! The Healthplus Water Mattresses are sold individually. 

If you don’t want to go straight for a full Queen or King, you can opt for a Half King or Half Queen Healthplus water mattress before you decide on the other half for your partner.

You can order one for yourself to start enjoying all the health benefits of sleeping on a Healthplus Water Mattress immediately, and add on the other side for your partner at a later date.
Another option is to start off with a Healthplus Junior (Baby Size) Water Mattress

The Healthplus Junior (Baby Size) Water Mattress measures only 24” x 36”. Though small and inexpensive, it still offers the sleeper the same health benefits of a regular water mattress. This junior (Baby Size) water mattress is suitable for many other amazing uses.

You can use it for the following purposes:

By placing it directly behind your back while sleeping to provide firm contour              support to your back.

For your couch, while watching TV, reading your papers or relaxing, to enjoy the       cool comfort of an air-conditioned room but without the need of an                               air-conditioner.

As an exercise mat for yoga, stretching to protect and cushion your knee joints,        hip, back, etc. while performing certain challenging postures.

As a meditation mat to provide better blood circulation to the area of your legs          and improve mind focus.

As a Baby Water Bed, hygienic and easily washable.

For your pet……

P.S. If you're still dreaming of how to get that dream sleep you’ve been dreaming,
don't dream, make it happen. Email us now at info@waterbed-pillow-cushion.com and experience a whole new level of sleeping pleasure like never before!

P.P.S. If you’ve read this far but you’ve not taken advantage of our offer yet, then I’m assuming you’ve never slept on water mattress. You’re new to water mattress. You’re not sure if it works for you. And if you still do not want to forego the opportunity of a good night’s sleep on a water mattress without giving yourself a chance, you may want to request for a free sample of our product. For more details, kindly email us now.

Free sample is limited to online request, per item per household only and subject to the availability of stock.

P.P.S. Remember, Healthplus Water Mattresses are the only truly hygienic, dust-mite free and body contour mattress that will stay the same way years after years as they do the first night.

However, if you're still undecided but would like to try it out first, you may request for a FREE SAMPLE of our product. We are confident you'll love the results and quality of our product.

P.P.S.The sample may not be the exact water mattress, it is a Hot & Cold Pack. But basically the design and material of our Healthplus Products are manufactured the same way this Hot & Cold Pack is made. The different is its size.

Kindly refer to the Free Sample Request Terms & Conditions before ordering.

Free Sample is limited to online request, per item per household only and subject to the availability of stock.
Healthplus Waterbed Mattress.....Healthplus Portable Waterbed Mattress!

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